Say What Now? North Carolina Woman Known for Viral Racist Rants Gets Hit By Fire Truck, Hospitalized in Critical Condition [Photos + Video]

A white woman known across the internet for her racist rants is currently fighting for her life after being hit by a fire department pickup truck.

via NYDN:

Rachel Dawn Ruit, 41, was found “suffering from life-threatening injuries” after she was involved in a traffic accident at 1:30 p.m. Monday in the 800 block of Patton Ave., Asheville Police spokeswoman Christina Hallingse told the Daily News.

“She is currently at Mission Hospital in critical condition,” Hallingse said.

“The investigation into this crash is ongoing. We can confirm that an Asheville Fire Department vehicle was involved in the crash,” she wrote in an email.

Local resident Jonathan Rowell said in a Facebook post that he witnessed Ruit “accidentally step out into traffic” on Patton Avenue with “traffic coming from behind her” shortly before she was struck.

Ruit was recorded screaming racial slurs and other obscenities at Black Lives Matters demonstrators and a family visiting Asheville from Charlotte last month.

The Charlotte family shared the video with WLOS, leading police to identify Ruit.

Ruit was arrested July 4 after she allegedly attacked a woman wearing a hijab head covering and assaulted a black teenage girl.

“Less than two hours ago, #WhiteSupremacist #RachelRuit ripped my #hijab off, bit my face and beat a black teen girl after yelling racial slurs,” Nahlah Karimah posted on Twitter.

“Thank Allah for the decent ally who stepped in and saved me and the girl,” she tweeted.

Ruit was charged with simple assault, disorderly conduct and second-degree trespassing after the incident near Roger McGuire Green, police said.

Karihma previously posted video of Ruit spewing racist language from a park bench.

Asheville resident Sonya Lynn posted on Facebook that she once had to slam on her brakes after Ruit “walked out in front of my company vehicle while I’m driving 45 mph.”

Lynn said her tires squealed as she frantically “averted” a collision, leading Ruit to flip her off.

“She needs help,” Lynn commented on the police post about Ruit’s July 4 arrest.

The woman very clearly needs help, but she can be a despicable racist and need help at the same time.

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