Say What Now? Burger King Employees Fired After Selling Weed to Customers Who Asked for 'Extra Crispy Fries'

Two former Burger King employees are facing charges after they got caught selling weed to customers in the drive-thru.

via VICE:

The two masterminds, Garrett “Nasty Boy” Norris, 20, and his alleged accomplice Meagan Dearborn, 19, were apparently selling marijuana to customers who came to the establishment and specifically asked for “extra crispy fries.”

It’s not clear how long the pair was running their side hustle before police in the town of Epping—population 6,144—caught on. Last Saturday, an undercover cop pulled up to the restaurant, asked if “Nasty Boy” was working, and then placed his order with a side of extra crispy fries. Norris then reportedly gave the guy his Whopperito or whatever, along with a coffee cup full of pot. 

Norris was charged with possession of an unlawful substance and intent to distribute. Dearborn, an assistant shift manager, was also arrested and charged with conspiracy to distribute and unlawful possession of alcohol. They were both released on $2,500 bail and will be arraigned next month.

Unfortunately, for Nasty Boy Norris and Dearborn, New Hampshire’s state legislature voted down a bill to legalize recreational marijuana, so they may want to think about taking their business model to one of the many states that has legal weed. 

This is what happens when ‘Have It Your Way’ goes too far.

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