‘RHOSLC’ Star Whitney Rose Denies Giving Heather Gay a Black Eye

‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ star Whitney Rose assured fans that she was not the reason her close friend and cousin Heather Gay had a black eye in the Season 3 trailer.

via Page Six:

As Rose promoted the new season on Twitter, a fan account responded with a screenshot from the trailer — which dropped Wednesday — where Gay’s left eye was purple and swollen shut.

“Did you do this yes or no,” the fan asked.

The Wild Rose Beauty founder, 36, cleared the air and quickly replied, “NO! Of course not.”

The fan may have assumed Rose was the culprit because, in one clip of the trailer, the cousins are screaming at their co-stars when Gay angrily pushes Rose against a wall — although it doesn’t seem like it was intentional.

It’s unclear how the “Bad Mormon” author, 40, got hurt, but it appears that it happened during a group trip. Gay revealed her black eye to co-star Meredith Marks, who held her hand over her mouth in shock.

“Heather, you look like somebody clocked you,” Lisa Barlow told her in another scene while the other women surrounded her on couches in a tropical location.

“Well maybe somebody did,” Gay quipped back, seemingly referring to more of an emotional punch than a socket punch.

The “RHOSLC” Season 3 teased several storylines among the women — including the Beauty Lab founder telling someone to “go find yourself another Heather Gay.”

As many Bravo fans may have guessed, Jen Shah’s fraud scandal appears to be a focal point of the upcoming season.

“I got played by Stuart Smith,” Shah told Gay and Marks, referring to her first assistant who was also involved in the telemarketing scheme. “I would not be in this thing at all if it wasn’t for Stuart.”

Shah was set to stand trial in July, but she pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection with telemarketing on July 11.

The Bravolebrity hasn’t been sentenced, but it’s scheduled to take place in the fall while Season 3 airs. She could face 11 to 14 years in prison if the judge follows the plea agreement.

Just because she didn’t, doesn’t mean she didn’t want to! We’ll have to watch the season to see how that fight plays out.

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