Nancy Pelosi Clarifies She's Not Planning to Leave Congress, Only Deciding Whether to Keep Leadership Role

Nancy Pelosi isn’t giving up Congress just yet.

via People:

The Democratic House speaker, 82, recently told CNN’s Anderson Cooperthat the life-threatening attack on her husband, Paul Pelosi, may affect her decision to retire, sparking confusion about whether she meant resigning her post as Democratic House leader or retiring from Congress altogether.

In an interview with This Week’s George Stephanopoulos on Sunday, Pelosi cleared the air, telling the ABC News anchor, “I don’t have any plans to step away from Congress.”

As for when she’ll make a decision about seeking a leadership position in the upcoming term, Pelosi said she’s still focused on getting Democrats over the finish line in the midterms. “I’m not making any comments until this election is finished, and we have a little more time to go,” she said. “I wish it would be faster, but it isn’t.”

When Pelosi began her second run as House speaker in 2018, she stated that she would only serve a maximum of four years in the role. Then, she carried Democrats through two impeachment hearings, an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, multiple legislative landmarks and a 2022 midterm season in which her party exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Given the change in circumstance, some believe that Pelosi would want to continue her hot streak as speaker if Democrats retain the House majority — a feat that looks unlikely, but certainly possible, after a handful of upset wins put the party in a stronger-than-expected position.

Pelosi, however, has stayed quiet on her plans while votes from Tuesday continue to pour in. A few potential names have floated around to replace her as the top House Democrat should she choose to step back, but those campaigns are stalled while representatives wait to see where her head is at.

Speaking with Stephanopoulos, Pelosi also explained why she has, from day one, stood firm in her belief that Democrats would not perform as poorly in 2022 as polling suggested.

“It was not anything that we ever accepted when the pundits in Washington said we couldn’t win because history, history, history,” Pelosi explained. “Elections are about the future.”

She continued: “I’m very proud of our candidates, both our incumbents as well as our red to blue candidates. They never accepted the punditry that they couldn’t win, they had courage, they had purpose, and they understood their district. They also rejected calls from Washington about, ‘Oh, your message should change.’ No, our message was clear: people over politics.”

Pelosi said she hopes Tuesday’s election results are a “lesson” to political pundits that a race isn’t over until the votes are in. “It depresses the vote sometimes when people say ‘it’s all over’ 18 months before the election. We never accepted that.”

We think Nancy should stay on as speaker — despite her faults, we’re not sure who would do a better job.

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