Ludacris' Baby Mama Tamika Fuller Speaks Out: 'An Innocent Child is Involved'

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Tamika Fuller is speaking out and clearing up rumors in regards to her secret relationship & child with Ludacris.

The 31-year-old took to Twitter to fire off a series of tweets in which she calls for the negativity to end. She makes it a point to dispel rumors that she was a stripper and says she never extorted Ludacris for a car, despite what he says.

It saddens me that it has come to this. I did not file on him. Nor would I ever try to attempt to extort my child’s fathers.Ive never asked him 2 buy me a car. I had engine trouble. I asked 2 borrow one of his during my pregnancy so that I could continue 2 get 2 work. I have never been a stripper. I did waitress there in my past. I have since moved on from that. Some of the best people I know are dancers.

She has yet to meet her father and it’s unfortunate because I would never keep him from seeing her. Let’s not lose focus that an innocent child is involved and her best interests come before any of all of this foolishness. In spite of all that has already happened I just ask that the negativity stop towards him and I. We have a child to co parent. Be blessed.

Tamika Fuller LovebscottShe also claims that Ludacris has yet to meet his child. These situations are always sad when there are children involved.

We hope they’re able to work hings out and develop a healthy co-parenting relationship.

[via The YBF]

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