Kylie Jenner to Annoying 'Fan': 'Get the F*ck Outta My Face' [Video]

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Kylie Jenner is sick of people’s sh*t.

While out shopping in Beverly Hills over the weekend, Kylie Jenner was bombarded by a crazy fan who wanted to snap pictures and ask obscene questions.

In the clip, you hear the guy ask Kylie, “Hey, what that mouth do? What that mouth do, Kendall?” — which, we’re not sure if he messed up her name out of ignorance or annoyance.

Kylie claps back with a simple “Get the f*ck outta my face!” before hopping in her whip.

Check out the moment below. Seeing how close this guy is, we would have popped off too.

“Get the fuck out of my face” – @kyliejenner #gokylie #whyareyoustandingsoclose #sodisrespectful #iloveherresponse

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