Kim Zolciak Attempts to Clear the Air, Says She Never Accused Kandi Burruss of Trying to 'Lick Her Box' -- Blames Editing [Video]

During Sunday night’s episode of Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live,’ Kandi Burruss told host Andy Cohen that Kim Zolciak texted her to say that she NEVER accused the singer of trying to ‘lick her box.’

If you recall, after the episode in which Kim made the accusation, Kandi clapped back on Twitter calling Kim a ‘lying ass bitch.’

Since then, Kim allegedly hit Kandi up via text and apologized for the whole thing.

“That’s some bullcrap,” Kandi told Andy. “That was a lie. And then the thing that I really don’t like is that she texted me and said that you guys edited her to make her look like she was saying that, and I said, first of all, from what I saw, it looked like you said that, so that’s a lie.”

“If you didn’t say that and they edited it, just tell the world,” she said. “I’m still waiting. I’m still waiting for her to do it.”

A few days ago, Kim took to her Bravo blog to address the situation and claims she didn’t say those words exactly as we saw them.

Kim wrote:

I need to address this stuff with Kandi: Saying I wouldn’t let someone “lick my box” is totally and completely different than saying she TRIED! There have been points in my friendship with Kandi where there has been tension, disagreements, etc. and out of my knowledge about how open she is with her sex life, I jokingly said the tension might be from me not letting her lick my box. I never said the phrase, “I swear on my kids I wouldn’t let her lick my box.” Two different sentences said at two different times. 

That may very well be true, but if that were the case then why wasn’t that the FIRST thing Kim said in her defense?

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