Joe Budden Wanted by the NYPD for Cell Phone Robbery in Connection with Alleged Attack on His Ex-Girlfriend


Joe Budden is accused of assaulting and robbing his ex-girlriend, and now the NYPD have launched a manhunt for his arrest.


The department tweeted his stats and info calling for others to help with his apprehension. Now, technically he’s wanted for taking a cell phone, but according to the story Joe found pics of his ex-girlfriend with another man and allegedly bashed her head into the dashboard of a car and choked her — this was after he showed up and snatched her out of the restaurant she dining in.

According to the police paperwork, Budden did nothing but twist her arm — but we’re not totally buying it.

After the NYPD put Joe on blast, he popped off via Twitter.


He continued to taunt the police and insists on suing. We’ll have to watch and see how this all plays out.

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