Hundreds of Protestors Chant 'Let's Go Swimming' at Site of McKinney, Texas Pool Party [Video]


Hundreds of protestors arrived inc McKinney, Texas on Monday — just a few days after video in which a police officer used excessive force against a 14-year-old black teenager went viral.

via Huffington Post:

Elroy Johnson, a 25-year-old teacher who was born and raised in McKinney, told The Huffington Post that he couldn’t recall the last time he witnessed a protest that large in his hometown.

The crowd gathered near the Craig Branch Community Pool — the same site where 19-year-old Tatiana Rhodes’ now-infamous pool party was held last Friday. The teen’s party, which was chaperoned by her mother, Laushana Burks, was meant to celebrate the end of the summer. Burks told HuffPost that, instead, the gathering ended with violence after two white women made racist comments to a group of black teens and subsequently attacked them.

Community members rallied in the neighborhood to speak out against the racist actions of the two women who apparently made comments like “you black f****r” and “that’s why you live in Section 8 homes.” Demonstrators also called for the firing of a police officer who was captured on video manhandling a young black girl and wielding his gun at two black teenage boys who tried to help her.

“A number of community members made it known they were upset about what happened at the pool party on Friday,” Johnson said. “Seeing all of that action was definitely amazing.”

If residents of the community had a problem with just a few black people at the community pool — we can imagine they aren’t handling hundreds very well. Ha!

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