Erykah Badu For Fader Magazine [Photos] |

Erykah Badu For Fader Magazine [Photos]

“I love motherhood. It’s natural for me. Being a doula, or being a mom, or even, like, making food—it’s just breathing and trusting, and allowing the creativity to flow through.”

In a new interview, Erykah Badu invites Fader Magazine into her home in Texas to talk music, politics and motherhood. The full article gives an intimate look at life at home for Badu, and takes you through her set at a club in Dallas.

“I stand in the wings as Badu does what she has told me so often over the past few days that she loves to do. All the spins and asides, the offers of affection to her hometown crowd. The lights—bluish, the way she insists they always be—reach out to her in thin, finger-like strands. She loves to cast attention toward her band, often asking each member to offer a solo…”

See all the photos from Fader below, including intimate moments with daughter, Mars.

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