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Dawn Richard Talks Fight with Aubrey O’Day & Plastic Surgery with Sway [Photos + Video]


Dawn Richard recently released her brand new album Blackheart, and although she undoubtedly wants to focus on the new project and moving forward, fans are still craving details surrounding the physical altercation between her and Aubrey O’Day that led to Danity Kane’s second breakup.

Dawn stopped by Sway in the Morning yesterday to discuss the fight with Aubrey and whether she’s gone under the knife to have work done.

According to Dawn, tensions began to rise in the group when Aubrey and Shannon accused her of attempting to dominate the vocals by creating too many ad-libs.

When Dawn learned that Aubrey and Shannon were secretly meeting in the studio to remedy their complaints, she confronted them, and things quickly took a violent turn.

They told me we had the studio the next day, and they went in the day before. I walked in on them doing it, and I tried to confront them. I blacked out. I couldn’t believe it. It’s my fault, their fault, everybody.”

When confronted with rumors that she’s gone under the knife, Dawn denied them and chalked up her new look to makeup contouring.

Watch below.

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