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Ask B. Scott: ‘My Friend’s New Friend is Toxic!’


Dear B. Scott: I am a loyal fan that has been down with you since the Shemar Moore “Ding Ding” video!…I love your perspective and your videos. Listen, I am having a bit of an issue with one of my best friends—we’ll call her “Erica.” She’s pregnant and I was told this by our mutual friend”Renee,” who is also her …

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Ask B. Scott: ‘I’m Secretly Dating My Boss!’


Dear B. Scott, I’m a 33 year old woman and I work in a corporate environment. I’ve recently entered into a relationship with the CFO of our company. I know that sounds weird, but hear me out. He’s single (divorced), attractive, he makes GREAT money, and we genuinely like each other. The problem is that my friends (more specifically my …

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Ask B. Scott: ‘My Man Thinks My Best Friend is Beautiful and I Don’t Like It’


Dear B. Scott, My best friend is beautiful. That type of ethnic beauty that makes men and women of all races do double takes on the street. I, in comparison, am rather average. I refrain from comparing myself to her, and have been able to thrive on my own personal and professional path. I recognize that the two of us …

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Ask B. Scott: ‘I’m Tired of Competing in Our Relationship’


Dear B. Scott, I’ve been with my current boyfriend for two years and I feel like we’re in competition with each other and I don’t like it. How do I talk to him? Dear love muffin, A little jovial competition between partners can be healthy — especially if it motivates you to further develop your own skills and accomplish certain …

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Ask B. Scott: ‘I’m Lusting After Other Men’


Dear B. Scott, I’m a 35 year old woman and I’ve been married to my husband faithfully for almost 15 years. Lately, I’ve been having the insatiable urge to sleep with another man. I love my husband very much and I have no desire to cheat on my man or to have a relationship outside of the one that I’m …

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ASK B. SCOTT: ‘My Man Is Cheap!’


Dear B. Scott I have been dating a man who I care deeply for, for a year and a half.  He has proposed to me but he hasn’t presented a ring.  I let him know that a ring no matter the cost is something that is essential for me to know that he is serious.   That conversation was 6 months …

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Ask B. Scott: ‘Am I a Side Chick?’


Dear B. Scott, I’m in love with my ex and I know he’s in love with me. We don’t interact aside from text messages and phone conversations almost every day — but he’s married to the mother of his three kids. We’re not having an affair physically, but I guess you could say we’re having an emotional affair and I …

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ASK B. SCOTT: ‘I Can’t Let My Ex Go!’


Dear B. Scott, I broke up with my boyfriend a little under 6 months ago, but I still feel connected to him. We’re not together, we don’t have sex, we rarely see each other — but we talk and text all day every day. I want to move on, but I don’t know why I can’t seem to just leave …

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ASK B. SCOTT: ‘My Mom Stole My Money!’


Dear B. Scott: Some years ago my dad passed from cancer and there was a lawsuit. He stipulated in the will that, because I was in young and in college at the time, my money was to go into trust until I graduated.  Upon graduating, I asked my mother about my trust only to find out it had been cleaned …

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Ask B. Scott: ‘Am I Over My Best Friend?’


Dear B. Scott, I love my best friend to death, but she’s getting on my nerves. The crazy thing about it, is she hasn’t really done anything to me. Just certain things about her are really starting to irk my nerves. It’s to the point where I don’t always answer her phone calls or respond to her texts. We’ve been …

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