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Zoë Kravitz’s Directorial Debut ‘P—y Island’ Now Has A Much More Family-Friendly Title

You might blink twice when you see the new title of Zöe Kravitz’s directorial debut.

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For her directorial debut, Zoë Kravitz dared give it a provocative title: It was to be called Pussy Island. The actress always maintained that she wasn’t just trying to get attention, that it was an essential part of understanding the tone of her movie, in which she directs her now-fiancée Channing Tatum. Alas, the title “Pussy Island” was too pure for this world: Not only does the thriller have a new release date but also a new name.

Per Entertainment Weekly, the film, once set to be released earlier this year, will now drop in late summer, on August 23. What’s more, moviegoers won’t be able to say, “One for Pussy Island, please.” Instead, it will be called the far more family-friendly (and far more generic) Blink Twice.

Back in summer of 2022, Kravitz said she refused to change the title, saying the p-word is an important part of the film’s DNA.

“The title came from that world. The title is the seed of the story,” Kravitz told The Wall Street Journal at the time. “It represents this time where it would be acceptable for a group of men to call a place that, and the illusion that we’re out of that time now.”

What is the film once called Pussy Island about? Here’s how EW described it:

The movie stars Channing Tatum as a tech billionaire who invites a cocktail waitress, played by Naomi Ackie, to join him and some friends for a dream trip to his private island. No plot with that beginning is going to turn out well, and this story is no exception. “It’s gonna be a crazy movie, man,” Tatum tells EW. “It’s a crazy thriller.”

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