Young Thug Plans To Use Newly Acquired 100 Acres Of Atlanta Land For Homes, Music Festival, Waterpark [Video]

Young Thug has big plans for the 100 acres of land he recently received from his manager.

via: BET

On August 16, rapper Young Thug turned 30 years old. His departure from his 20s is accompanied by the acquisition of new land ownership in the greater area of Atlanta.

Thug’s manager, Geoff Ogunlesi, gifted him 100 acres of land for his 30th birthday. Atlanta realtor Trey Williams assisted with the securing of the land and is working with Thug on subdividing his property, naming it “Silme City.”

“Slime” is a term that Thug uses often, and simply means friend.

In an interview with TMZ, Williams gives insight into Thug’s plans for the land, including waterparks, new homes, camping site, dirt bike trail, and a venue for his annual music festival, “Slime Fest.”

“Since I’ve known him, he’s been a giving person,” Williams said. “When he wants something, he wants it now, so everything is already in the works. Everything will be happening as soon as possible. It’s a few things we have to put in place, permits and stuff like that. So, once that stuff gets in place, then we’ll be starting — building up.”

In recent years, the YSL label owner’s moves have been calculated more so for the success of others, rather than just for himself, pointing at his selflessness. Thug has given the spotlight to multiple artists in Atlanta and the spotlight doesn’t dim as he continues to keep the light on others.

In April, it was reported that Thug and rapper Gunna posted bail for 30 low-level offenders in Fulton County jail. His goal was to get them back to their families as soon as possible, instead of waiting on a court date to learn their fates.

Young Thug revealed in his recent Rolling Stone cover story that he wants “to be the richest Black man in the world.” Hopefully, his real estate investments will help him get there. I

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