Yikes! Teyana Taylor Takes a Tumble Off Stage and Into the Crowd [Video]

Teyana Taylor got a little too hype while performing her song “No Manners” in NYC and took quite the fall off stage.

via TMZ:

The crazy fall went down at PlayStation Theater in NYC where she was performing her set in the tour formerly known as the Later That Night tour (more on that in a bit). You see Teyana doing what she does best — move her body — when, outta nowhere, BAM … she slips.

You can see her left foot lose grip … and though it looked like an awkward fall (that right knee appears to bend like no knee should ever bend), Teyana quickly gets up and doesn’t skip a beat. 

Unclear if hubby and NBA player Iman Shumpert was in the crowd during the tumble. 

It’s interesting … this was the last time Teyana performed in the Later That Night tour. As we reported … Teyana hijacked the tour Jeremih was headlining and rebranded it the KTSE on Aisle VII tour.

What’s also interesting about this is one of Teyana’s complaints about Jeremih is that he kept trying to sabotage her show by putting water on the stage.

Check out the video below.

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