Yikes: NFL Wide Receiver Demaryius Thomas' Pit bulls Allegedly Attacked a Woman and Her Pet Dog

Demaryius Thomas’ two pit bulls allegedly attacked a woman and her pet dog this week causing some serious injuries.

via TMZ:

Jennifer Savage told WSB-TV in Atlanta she was hanging out on her front lawn with her own dog Thursday when out of nowhere, 2 pits went after her pooch.

“I look up, not even paying attention, and I see two pit bulls charging at me, showing their teeth and growing at me,” Savage said.

The woman says she tumbled down a hill trying to protect her dog from the pit bulls — but couldn’t stop the animals from taking “huge chunks” out of her dog.

Savage says she suffered bite wounds to her arms and legs — and needed stitches.

Her dog, Berkley, was so badly injured he needed emergency surgery.

“They shaved his entire body and there’s punctures and tubes all in him,” she told WSB-TV.

The news outlet says a police report identifies Thomas as the owner of the 2 pit bulls.

We’re out to law enforcement but haven’t heard back.

Savage told WSB-TV she’s obviously very upset and wants to pursue charges against Thomas over the incident.

We reached out to DT’s rep for comment but haven’t heard back.

Thomas was a star WR for the Denver Broncos, Patriots, Texans and NY Jets — but he’s currently a free agent.

Thomas is a proud pit bull owner — and even has an IG page for his dogs.

This is a terrible situation all-around. She’s injured, her dog is injured, and Demaryius is about to lose his beloved animals — even if they are vicious.

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