Xscape's Tamika Scott Open To Rekindling Relationship With LaTocha After Apology [Video]

What’s happening with Tamika Scott and LaTocha Scott-Bivens?

via: TMZ

Xscape’s Tamika Scott has heard and accepted her sister LaTocha’s recent apology regarding all the drama that came after she allegedly stole money — and admits she’s even open to building things back to how they once were.

We got Tamika in NYC Monday, and she tells us she still hasn’t had a heart-to-heart with her sis since she publicly apologized for all the backlash … adding she even changed her number in the midst of everything.

Despite all that, Tamika tells us she’s open to squashing the beef going on between them — and she tells us why she’s always open to forgiving.

TMZ broke the story, LaTocha made the call to step back from Xscape last year — but it wasn’t a breakup, despite fans speculating otherwise.

The group later revealed the cause of all the drama in their reality show, “SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B” — with Tamika claiming LaTocha snatched 30K from her, and provided receipts to allegedly back it up.

LaTocha went on to apologize for all the noise … although she never admitted to stealing anything from her sister. She also didn’t apologize to Kandi Burruss for their recent back-and-forth spat online — but at least it sounds like there’s some room for improvement from Tamika.

BTW — we also asked Tamika about the ongoing feud with SWV, which she says isn’t as big as it looks … and she even fills us in on the potential of a collab tour in the future.

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