Won't Catch Him Slippin'! LeBron James Ramps Up Home Security with Armed Guards After Foiled Robbery Plot

LeBron James isn’t playing around when it comes to protecting his Los Angeles home.

The NBA superstar has hired a team of armed guards after learning he was targeted by a team of thieves.

via TMZ:

As we previously reported … the LAPD arrested 4 people who had hit more than 24 homes of the rich and famous, including Yasiel Puig, Rihanna, Christina Milian and others. 

Cops say the bad guys had a list of 12 more celebrity targets — including LeBron, Matt Damon and Viola Davis. 

We’re told LeBron is taking the situation very seriously — he’s got a wife and 3 kids at home — and is taking every possible measure to protect his family. 

Sources tell us … Bron has at least 10 armed security personnel at the home — including off-duty police officers. We’re told the NBA’s security team is also involved in the security plans. 

L.A. Rams star Robert Woods — whose home was burglarized — is also working with the NFL security team to ensure his safety as well. 

Cops say they believe there are more people involved in the burglary crews — and they’re asking the public for leads to track down the additional suspects.  

More celebrities should do the same.

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