Woman Flips Out on Verizon Store Employees in Wild TikTok Video, Rants About Mafia [Video]

“The mafia won’t get what they want, I guarantee it!”

TikTok user Nick Brush (@nicocepillo), who appears to be a Verizon employee at a Los Angeles location, shared two clips of an outraged woman going off at him and his co-workers earlier this week.

While screaming at the associates, the woman referred to them as the “devil” multiple times. She also repeated “the mafia isn’t going to get what they want.”


Alternate angle of me dealing with #karen #customerservice #crazy #mafia

? original sound – nicocepillo

Though it’s unclear what exactly set the woman off, Brush, who posted two TikToks from alternate angles, wrote that the woman “didn’t like her new phone options.”

As shown in the clips, a Verizon employee told the woman at one point that she had to leave the store. And it’s safe to say she wasn’t happy.

“I need to buy another phone!” she screamed. “You’re going to get more money! If you want anything from me, you’ll let me walk out of here with a new phone! The mafia won’t get what they want, I guarantee it!”


The original #karen goes crazy. She didn’t like her new phone options ????? #customerservice #mafia #cellphone #contacts

? original sound – nicocepillo

he first video has over 4.7 million views.

“that is no karen, that is lucifer,” one person wrote and another added, “The irony of her calling someone the devil while screaming like she’s got the exorcist has sent me ???Sorry you had to deal with that smh ?????”

When a fan asked, “WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THE MAFIA REFERENCE??,” Brush replied, writing, “I would assume just racism lol.”

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