Woah: Michigan Voters Pop Off with Racial Slurs & Get Physical at a Local Polling Place [Video]


A Michigan polling place turned into a violent scene involving voters popping off and tossing around the N-word.

via TMZ:

The fight went down at a polling station in Ypsilanti, Michigan … outside Ann Arbor. According to witnesses … the white woman in the video got extremely heated with a black man, who was apparently defending a black woman who was arguing with the white woman.

The woman shooting the video jumped into the middle of the fray and the slurs started flying.

TMZ spoke to the white woman’s husband, his name is Daryl McCabe, and despite the language in this video … he insists he and his wife, Mary, are NOT racists. Daryl tells us, Mary “did say the n-word and that isn’t a good idea, I don’t agree with that.”

He also said, “I have black friends who are great. My first choice was actually Ben Carson.” He’s even got the card to prove it.

Watch the video below.

And as far as that “card” Daryl’s referring to — check it out.


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