Woah: Jamie Foxx Pulls a Driver From a Burning Wreck [Photos]

jamie foxx burning wreck

It looks like Jamie Foxx can add ‘hero’ to his resume. According to TMZ, the actor saved a driver from an overturned, burning car on Monday night.

The wreck happened at 8:30 PM on Monday — a single vehicle appears to have skidded on wet roads, hit a ditch and flipped upside down. It ended up in front of Jamie’s gate in normally sleepy Hidden Valley … northeast of L.A.

Witnesses tell us Foxx told CHP officers he heard the accident, ran to the scene and saw the driver buckled into his seat. Fearing the burning car would explode … Jamie told cops he unbuckled the man and dragged him about 30 feet away from the accident. 

We’re told Jamie had called 911 before his heroics, and cops and firefighters eventually got there and transported the victim to a hospital with major injuries, including burns. 

What a noble thing to do!

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