Wife Miserable Over Restaurant's Lack of Shredded Cheese Becomes Internet Sensation

Her husband tried to shame a restaurant over its “crappy service”. It didn’t go as planned.

There are first world problems… and then there are first world problems.

A Texas husband’s attempt to shame a restaurant over its tardiness delivering shredded cheese went viral this weekend, but not in the way he hoped.

Jason Vicknair shared a photo of his miserable wife waiting all of 18 minutes for a missing filling for her fajitas, which were apparently inedible without it.

According to the caption, it was the couple’s first date night after being locked down in COVID quarantine for more than three months, only to have the magical evening destroyed by lack of dairy toppings.

“My wife, date night after three+ months locked up on quarantine. Waiting for shredded cheese as it’s the only way she can eat fajitas,” Jason tweeted.

“We’ve asked four people, going on 18 minutes now. We gotta quit blaming COVID-19 for crappy service.”

The accompanying pic showed said wife staring forlornly into the mid-distance, the cheese-less fajita left unrolled, uneaten, untouched.

If Jason was hoping for some sympathy, or perhaps a refund from Mi Cocina, he came to the wrong place.

While his original tweet was quickly deleted, preserved screengrabs quickly went viral.

In a series of follow up tweets, Jason revealed his wife did not know about the photo or the post, and she wasn’t too pleased to discover she had become the latest internet sensation.

When a follower predicted the wife was going to “kick his ass up and down the sidewalk.” when she found out about her viral fame, Jason replied: “100% true, not a good morning in my house.”

He also revealed he and his wife were regulars of seven years at the restaurant, and made a point of asking why it was okay to drag a company in a bad Yelp review, but not on Twitter.

While the majority of tweets were gentle-to-firm ribbing over privilege, Jason claimed some began to attack his children.

In the end, he used altruistically his newfound wisdom to warn a fellow Twitter complainer of the dangers of the practice:

[via TooFab]

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