Whose Side Are You On? Delta CEO Says Woman Who Reclined Was in the Wrong, Not the Man Who Repeatedly Punched Her Seat in Viral Video [Video]

Delta CEO Ed Bastian believes the woman  on the American Airlines flight who reclined her seat — only to have the passenger behind her repeatedly punch her seat — was out of line.

He appeared on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” Friday, said the whole thing comes down to being an issue of etiquette.

He says if a passenger knows a tall person is sitting behind them, they should ask permission before they recline.

If you have no idea what we’re talking about — get into this.

Wendi Williams (lol) was on an American Airlines flight and decided to recline her seat. A man behind her got angry and repeatedly punched her seatback like a punching bag. She captured the incident on video which has since gone viral.

She says a flight attendant handed her a passenger disturbance notice for refusing to delete her video of the man behind her hitting her seat and threatened to have her removed from the flight if she didn’t.

Wendi deleted the video, but retrieve the video from the ‘recently deleted’ file in her phone and shared it online.

Wendi says the repeated whiplash may have caused damage, given her medical history. She says she’s had multiple back surgeries over the years and has titanium fused to her spine. She’s worried the repeated blows might have damaged her vertebrae.

She wants to get an MRI but says it’s too expensive. Wendi wants the airline to cover her medical bills.

She wants the passenger behind her to be identified, so she can press charges for assault.


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