Whoopi Goldberg Sits Out The View to Get 'Checked' Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

The move comes after Joy Behar self-isolated.

After coming close to death from pneumonia in 2019, Whoopi Goldberg is keeping a close eye on her health amid the growing coronavirus pandemic.

Usually the moderator on “The View,” Whoopi was MIA on the show Tuesday morning, where Sunny Hostin explained her absence.

“To be extra careful about her health, Whoopi is consulting with her doctor today,” she explained. “She wants everyone to know she feels fine and plans on being back here tomorrow.”

She also noted that Joy Behar made the decision to self-isolate as well, as her age puts her at greater risk. Hostin then pointed out Goldberg’s health battle from last year.

In 2019, Goldberg was absent for weeks after contracting pneumonia in both lungs and becoming septic. “I came very very close to leaving the earth,” she said at the time.

According to Sunny, Whoopi just “wants to get checked out to make sure it’s smart for her to be here.”

Guest cohost Dr. Oz applauded both Behar and Goldberg for “doing the right thing.” He said he “spent a good part of last week calling friends of mine — senior citizens you may call them, mature folk — saying please stay out of Dodge for a little while.”

Apparently, Goldberg was watching from home and wasn’t exactly thrilled by one thing Dr. Oz said.

“Whoopi actually did let us know, Dr. Oz called her a senior and she’s not a senior yet!” Hostin said, after hearing from Goldberg during the commercial break. At 64, Whoopi won’t be considered a senior citizen until November.

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