White Privilege: Megyn Kelly Is Fired at NBC, Will Get Her Remaining $69 Million Salary

Megyn Kelly has been fired at NBC and her show will NOT be returning.

Prior to her exit, she was making nearly $25 million a year — and according to her contract she’ll get the rest of what she’s owed. It’s said to be in the range of $69 million.

via TMZ:

Sources familiar with the negotiations tell TMZ … Megyn’s deal is 3 years firm, and she has around 1 year and 10 months to go.  We’re told her lawyer, Bryan Freedman, is going to have a call with NBC brass tomorrow and demand the network pay her full remaining salary, or face a lawsuit.

We’re told Freedman’s case is that Kelly was targeted early on after she made critical remarks about Matt Lauer on her show after he was fired for sexual harassment.  Lauer was well-liked at NBC, and the staff and talent became royally pissed off at Kelly because they felt she was attacking Lauer “with glee.”

Our sources say Kelly believes her comments about NBC News Chairman Andy Lack pissed off Lack and other brass, and they had it out for her.

As for ending the relationship over her blackface comment, Kelly and Freedman will argue she was treated with gross unfairness, pointing to a town hall meeting Wednesday where NBC talent, including Al Roker, blasted her and she wasn’t invited to defend herself.

They also point to other NBC talent that got a pass for insensitive comments, such as Joy Reid, who made homophobic comments but was never punished. 

And, TMZ can confirm, attorney Freedman sent an email to Lack saying he wanted a face-to-face to discuss a settlement and wanted Ronan Farrow in the room.  Farrow is about to release a book highly critical of NBC and the way it handled his Harvey Weinstein reporting.  NBC shut that request down.

We’re told the showdown between NBC brass and Freedman will go down Friday during a phone call.

So — Megyn gets to go home with $69 million, not have to finish her job, AND get to make racist comments? That, ladies and gentlemen, is white privilege.

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