Wendy Williams Wants You to Know That She Got Into 50 Cent's Party Anyway [Video]

50 Cent took to Instagram to share video of Wendy WIlliams getting denied access to his party, but Wendy says that she was able to bypass 50’s efforts and go in anyway.

via TMZ:

Sources close to the talk show host tell TMZ … video of Wendy appearing to have trouble getting into Fiddy’s Tycoon party at BarCode in New Jersey Sunday doesn’t tell the full story. We’re told she got in with no trouble, along with her son, Kevin Jr., and they kicked it with Snoop Dogg.

Our Wendy sources say she took her son to the party for his 19th birthday because he’s a huge Snoop fan, so she wanted to get him a photo with the rapper. Snoop was part of the lineup headlined by 50 along with guys like Jacquees, Fabolous and Trey Songz.

We’re told her plan went down without a hitch — security with the Elizabeth, NJ police department escorted her and her son inside directly to Snoop’s section … no run-ins with 50. As for Snoop … he was his usual awesome self and showed them nothing but love.

However, our sources say Wendy did find out afterward that 50 Cent had put her on the blacklist for the party, but because of her connection with “her family town” of Elizabeth … she didn’t have any issues.

Of course, 50 paints a different picture of what went down. He shared the video of Wendy outside the club Sunday and wrote, “you can’t just show up to my PARTY if you been talking about me.”

Fiddy added, “B*TCH wait outside” … but to be fair, he never claimed she got turned away and never got in.

Our Wendy sources say only stayed at the party for about 20 minutes — she bailed after she successfully introduced her son to Snoop and went to get food.

It’s only a matter of time before 50 has something else to say about Wendy’s version of events.

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