Well Damn: Denver Nuggets Waive Nick Young After Just 20 Days

Nick Young joined the Denver Nuggets just 20 days ago, but after less than a month the team has decided to let him go.

via Complex:

This announcement was paired with a statement from the team’s president of basketball operations Tim Connelly, who expressed his gratitude to Young on behalf of the Nuggets.

“We want to thank Nick for coming to Denver on such short notice to give us some relief with our injury issues,” the release reads. “He immediately fit in with our group and did everything that was asked of him by being the great teammate and consummate pro that he is.”

Young was meant to fill the void created by injuries sustained to several key players, including point guard Isaiah Thomas and first-round draft pick Michael Porter Jr. But Young wasn’t quite the scorer the once was. In the four games he played with Denver since signing with them on Dec. 10, Young averaged a mere 2.3 points per game.

Well, we hope he has a backup plan.

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