Watch: Woman Escorted Off Plane After Attacking Flight Attendant and Snatching Off Her Necklace [Video]


Passengers on a United Airlines flight from New York to Chicago witnessed a frightening scene after a woman roughed up a flight attendant after she accidentally spilled her drink. The woman reportedly had her hands at the flight attendant’s throat and managed to rip off her necklace and scratch her face.

via WXYZ:

Matthew Goldgraben sat next to her on the plane. He tells 7 Action News that during a beverage call, the flight attendant spilled a drink and while they were cleaning it up, the woman attacked the attendant. 

Other passengers jumped into action and restrained the woman on the floor until they landed at DTW. 

United 3461 was taken to the North Terminal where the woman was taken off the plane. Officials say the woman may have suffered some kind of medical situation.

The flight was only delayed about an hour before eventually taking off toward Chicago. 

The FBI is now investigating the incident. 

Watch the woman get escorted off the plane and hear a witness account of what went down below.

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