Watch: Woman Confronts Her Man on the Job at Target, Demands He Marry Her on the Spot [Video]

One woman was completely fed up with her husband-to-be playing games.

She decided that she was tired of waiting for her man to set a wedding date, so she stormed his place of employment — a Target — to demand he marry her on the spot.

She even brought along a minister and a bridesmaid.

via TMZ:

Customers recorded the awkward scene, and you can make out the gist of what’s happening here. Bridezilla tells her man she wants to get married right there and then, or she’s ending things between them for good. The ultimate ultimatum.

She says he put an engagement ring on her finger 2 years ago — but hasn’t pulled the trigger yet … and she’s sick of waiting. The dude is clearly uncomfortable, and asks her if they can talk outside. The woman agrees, but it sounds like her mind is made up.

It’s funny too, as the caravan of people passes the photog … you can hear the fiance say something to the effect of, “Could someone had told me then?” Sounds like he was caught as much off guard as anyone else witnessing this bizarre love blitz.

Now, we should note … some people are saying this a set-up stunt. If so, BOOO … but it’s still pretty crazy to see it play out on video. Assuming it is real, good luck? No question who’s the dominant one for this happy couple.

Watch the moment below.

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