Watch: Waka Flocka’s Wife Tammy Rivera Gets Into It with a CVS Employee [Video]

Reality star Tammy Rivera, wife of rapper Waka Flocka, got into a screaming match with a CVS employee on Sunday — and it was captured on video.

via NYP:

Rivera, 35, argued with the drugstore employee and claimed the worker racially profiled her, according to TMZ. However, the “Love & Hip Hop” star doesn’t want to get the woman fired.

Rivera frequently stops by the CVS in DeKalb County, Georgia, for all her drugstore needs and knows most of the employees. But the worker she fought with was a new hire.

In the videos obtained by the Shade Room, Rivera claimed the woman wouldn’t stop staring at her as she shopped and even yelled at Rivera for opening a hair accessory she wanted to buy.

The authorities were called when the CVS employee tried to kick the singer out of the store. Rivera left the store in an attempt to avoid any trespassing charges against her. The next day, the mother of one filed a complaint to CVS and the general manger quickly called her to apologize for the employee’s actions.

Rivera told the outlet she doesn’t want the company to fire the woman, but would like to see her get more discrimination education and training.

A CVS rep told TMZ that the store has a “firm non-discrimination policy” and ensures that all customers are “treated with respect and are offered courteous customer service.” The company will also be launching an investigation into the matter.

Rivera shared a video on social media following the incident to explain her side of the story.

“I want to be treated fairly and I’m a human being. I don’t think I look better than everybody else,” she said in the three-minute clip. “I’m a regular person and I don’t expect to be treated with special privileges.”

She continued, “I believe that you should greet the janitor with the same respect you give to the CEO.” She then added a message to the employee, “Treat everybody fairly. You sat there and you racially profiled me.”

“It’s crazy because I see a lot of black and brown people … we go through it a lot,” Rivera said, adding that the worker called her a “brown-skinned” woman on the phone to the police. “I just felt like, why would that even matter [what my skin color is]?” she asked the camera.

“The whole night just shook me and I’m sorry I let this lady disturb my peace,” she concluded her video.

Watch Tammy’s perspective below.


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