Watch: Trump Supporter Arrested for Felony Child Abuse After Allegedly Hitting 13-Year-Old Girl with a Flagpole

One of Trump’s elderly supports is facing a felony child abuse charge after allegedly hitting a 13-year-old girl with a flagpole.

via TMZ:

The confrontation went down in Clay County, Florida. 67-year-old Norbert Logsdon was demonstrating with Trumpers, when a car driven by Crystal Ledoux passed by. Ledoux says Logsdon was giving drivers — presumably the ones who expressed opposing views — the middle finger. Ledoux says she made a U-ey, returned to the area where Logsdon was demonstrating and she and her daughter screamed, “Biden 2020!”

That’s when you see Logsdon beeline it for Ledoux’s car and shove the flagpole inside, reportedly striking Ledoux’s 13-year-old daughter in the chest and face.

Ledoux got Logsdon’s license plate number and called the cops. Logsdon was arrested at his home.

Watch video of the incident below.

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