Watch: Trader Joe's Shopper Completely Loses It Over Being Told to Wear a Mask [Video]

A Trader Joe’s customer popped off because she felt it was her right to shop without a face mask.

via TMZ:

The woman came to the San Fernando Valley store Friday wearing a mask … the manager tells TMZ. At some point, as she was shopping the mask disappeared from her face. She says she has a breathing problem and that’s why she took the mask off, but her lungs were filled with anger as her voice billowed through the store.

Either way … we’re told employees approached the woman and asked her to cover her face, but she refused. At that point, she goes insane, suggesting this was some sort of conspiracy by Democrats.

She was ordered to leave the store — which she did.

BTW … Los Angeles is having a huge spike in coronavirus cases. Also, you go to a grocery store you have to wear a mask. Period.

Watch the videos below. Another day, another angry white woman yelling at people in the face of public safety.

Bonus:  case you’re wondering if wearing a mask has a detrimental effect on breathing, take a look at this:

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