Watch: Sean Spicer Confronted By Former Classmate Who Claims He Called Him a 'N*gger' [Video]

Sean Spicer’s book signing took an unexpected-yet-totally-expected turn when a former classmate confronted the former White House Press Secretary and accused him of once calling him the N-word.

via TMZ:

The former White House Press Secretary was signing copies of his new book ‘The Briefing’ in Middletown, Rhode Island Friday, when a man named Alex Lombard — who attended prep school with Spicer — accused him of trying to fight him when they were teens … then claimed, “You called me a n***** first!”

The people waiting in line initially laughed at Lombard bringing up his past with Sean, but gasped and groaned at the n-word allegation. Lombard was then led out by security.

The vid by Newport Daily News doesn’t catch Sean’s reaction to the racial slur accusation.

Spicer’s book tour has not been going smoothly so far — he was heckled at another signing in NYC Wednesday and called a “garbage person.

Watch it all go down below.

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