Watch Protester and Driver Point Guns in Each Other's Faces in Tense Standoff in Oregon [Video]

Miraculously — nobody pulls the trigger.

A video circulating on social media is showing just how close protests in Oregon are to becoming bloodbaths.

The four second clip shows a motorist and a protester, just inches apart, pointing guns in each other’s faces.

The widely circulated video sees the driver sitting in his truck with the door open, holding his handgun in one hand, pointed squarely at a protester’s face. The protester in return grips his firearm in both hands, pointing it right back at him through his truck window.

Neither man is backing down as the crowd yells behind them.

A longer 2.5 minute video posted to Reddit added some context to the scene, which unfolded in Eugene over the weekend.

Protesters appear to have blocked a street, forcing drivers to go the long way around.

But one incensed pick-up driver refuses, flashing his gun and telling protesters to get out of his way.

Vastly outnumbered, he finally relents and drives off; but something causes him to stop and open his car door, leading to the armed and very nearly deadly stand-off.

Truck driver pulls a gun on protesters then one of the protester points a gun at him from r/PublicFreakout

[via TooFab]

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