Watch: Porsha Williams Says She's Still 'Figuring Out' Relationship with Dennis McKinley, Addresses New Cheating Rumors [Video]

Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley appear to be back together — but the nature of their relationship is unclear.

On the latest episode of ‘Watch What Happens Live,’ Andy Cohen asked Porsha straight up what’s going oon.

via TooFab:

After playing back the emotional scene in which Dennis is seen apologizing to Porsha’s mother and sister, Andy asked his guest where she and her man stood today. Her response was quite telling.

“You know, we’re working on our relationship,” she said with a shoulder shrug. Perhaps sensing there was more to the story, Andy asked Porsha if she trusted Dennis. “Huh?” she said, glaring at Andy. “I think you ask that every time I come here.” Andy simply said, “Well, that’s ’cause I wanna know.”

Porsha laughed uncomfortably before explaining, “I think every relationship is a work in progress. We have a daughter together, and — just pray for us. You know, you pray for yourselves. Add us in there, too, baby.”

Later on in the evening, Andy said he was being bombarded by curious fans who wanted to know what Porsha thought about the recent rumors that Dennis was seen out with multiple women at a diner at 4 a.m.

“Ummm, uhhh, I don’t know,” Porsha replied. Leaning in, Andy asked, “What do you mean?”

“What do you mean I don’t know?” she replied. “I mean, I don’t know! I mean, it’s the blogs. You know, he was out, I don’t know. Can y’all just continue to comment and speculate, and lemme just figure out my life? I’m figuring out my life.”

“After you saw that,” a relentless Andy asked, “did you have words about it?”

“Ummm,” she said, looking up, “I’m figuring it out.”

However, when it comes to Dennis’ mother, who Porsha said on Sunday’s “RHOA” wasn’t really there for her when she first found out Dennis had cheated, things seems to have turned around. Porsha said Gina’s been “amazing” and that she’s “reached out” to her.

Watch the clip below.

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