Watch Pickup Truck and Luxury Sedan Fight it Out in Wild Road Rage Video in North Hollywood

“That LA road rage… nothing like it anywhere else.”

Who would win in a fight between a pickup truck and a luxury sedan? Let’s find out!

Drivers in North Hollywood got a ringside seat on Tuesday night when the two clashed at an intersection in a wild road rage incident.

It appeared the two contending motorists had a differing opinion on who had right of way, and thus met in the middle of the road to settle the dispute in a contest of torque.

The fight was captured from opposite angles by two drivers waiting reportedly at the traffic lights of Victory and Laurel Canyon, who posted the highlights on Twitter.

The vids show the pickup truck in the middle of the intersection while the light behind them was red – suggesting they shouldn’t have been there — although the video didn’t show exactly when the light changed.

The sedan rams the side of the pickup — and continues to do so as the truck attempts to drive away. But the sedan’s front bumper appears to get caught on the rear bumper of the truck, and it gets dragged through the intersection, smoke billowing out of its spinning tires.

The truck breaks free and flees — but the sedan driver is not done with them yet. The sedan pursues the truck down the road and rams it once again, the sedan’s driver side door swinging wide open the whole time. A pedestrian walking by gets the fright of their life as the dueling vehicles nearly mount the pavement.

The truck then gets spun 180 and attempts to get away, but again the sedan won’t give up its pursuit out of sight of the camera, as more crunching of metal can be heard.

The opposite angle also shows red lights facing the sedan; no doubt the respective insurance companies will hear two very different accounts of what happened.

By early Wednesday morning, the clips had well over 2million views.

“That LA road rage… nothing like it anywhere else,” @BENBALLER captioned his angle of the tussle, while his opposing cameraman @BronArtest agreed: “NoHo is always lit”.

One Twitter user who was very interested in the video was LAPD HQ.

“Please DM us with a date, time and location,” the account requested in a tweet reply.

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