Watch: NYPD Officer Uses Chokehold During Arrest Despite It Being Illegal, Gets Suspended [Video]

New York City outlawed the use of chokeholds by police less than a week ago, but one office was filmed just today taking a Black man down using the maneuver unit he lost consciousness.

via TMZ:

A handful of NYPD officers were filmed Sunday near Rockaway Beach attempting to detain and arrest a black man — with one of the cops wrapping his entire arm around the guy’s neck and putting his body weight on him from the ground, while the others put cuffs on.

You hear bystanders — who are filming the whole thing — start to scream out in a panic, telling the officer to stop choking him, which eventually gets him to release.

At that point, it appears the man being arrested has gone limp and is unresponsive — some of the folks standing around say “he’s out.” He had indeed passed out and was led away by police moments later.

After video of the arrest circulated, the officer was suspended without pay. NYPD Commissioner says that there’s an investigation underway.

That officer needs to be fired.

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