Watch: Meek Mill Gets Into a Shouting Match with Nicki Minaj and Husband Kenneth Petty [Video]

Meek Mill ran into ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj and her new husband, Kenneth Petty, and things did NOT go down smoothly.

via TMZ:

The shouting match went down Friday at the high-end clothing store Maxfield in West Hollywood, where somehow … Meek happened to stumble across his old flame and her current partner. It’s unclear who was there first, but regardless … it got heated.

TMZ got a hold of the face-off, and you can see Meek in white being held back and escorted out of the store by both his own security team and guys working for the boutique. In the background, you clearly hear Nicki and Ken’s voices … they’re pretty distinctive.

No official word on what started the beef, but based on what we can make out … it sounds like they were talking crap to each other over Nicki — plain and simple. Oh, and get this … sources tell us NM and KP were alone, and Meek was rolling with 10 heads deep.

Anyway, Ken calls Meek a p***y and Meek calls him one back while adding he can’t face or talk to him one-on-one without a cluster of people in between. Nicki gets in on the yelling too … seemingly calling Meek a bitch, and also seemingly adding he can’t get over her..

It’s funny … we’re told when Retch approached Nicki after the brouhaha, she actually thought he was a crew member of Meek’s and tried getting in his face as well. That got cleared up though, and she graciously smiled for the camera without further incident.

Watch the video below. At least no one got shot. You know Kenneth likes to flash his gun every chance he gets.

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