Watch: Live Fish Pulled From Man's Throat, Saving His Life [Video] |

Watch: Live Fish Pulled From Man’s Throat, Saving His Life [Video]

Doctors in Egypt extracted an entire live fish from a fisherman’s throat last week.

The procedure ended up saving the man’s life.

via NYDN:

The fish was lodged in the man’s windpipe, leaving him unable to breathe or speak, according to Gulf Today.

The operation lasted 10 minutes, and doctors at Beni Suef Specialized Hospital, about 75 miles south of Cairo, were stunned when they realized the fish was alive.

How exactly the animal got in the man’s trachea remained fishy, Gulf Today reported. One story said the man was holding the fish in his mouth when it slipped. Another said he tried to grab the fish from the net with his mouth.

The man recovered at the hospital’s intensive care unit. The fish did not.

Can you imagine how horrifying that must’ve felt? Imagine not being able to breathe while a live fish is doing the percolator in your windpipe. Gross.

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