Watch: Lindsay Lohan Gets the Fake Accent KNOCKED Out of Her After Accusing Parents of Trafficking Their Own Children [Video]

Lindsay Lohan got a valuable lesson in minding your own business on Friday night.

In a strange video, Lindsay accuses parents of tracking their children and eventually gets punched in the face.

via TMZ:

Lindsay, who was in Moscow, gets out of her car and approaches the family — 2 boys and their parents.  She says they’re Syrian refugees who need help.

Then it turns … LiLo accuses them of trafficking their kids, as she speaks in both English and Arabic. At one point she says, “You’re ruining Arabic culture.”

After tailing the family for a bit and trying to take the children, you see the mother snap and attack Lindsay, socking her in the face.

The vid ends with a tearful Lindsay saying she was trying to save the boys. 

If anything, watch the video below and get into Lindsay’s newfound accent. We bet she won’t do that again.

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