Watch LA Hit and Run Driver With Baby in Car Try to Flee Scene in Woefully Disabled Car [Video]

His wheels were pointing in opposite directions.

A driver in LA was caught trying to flee the scene of an accident with a newborn baby in his car.

A video posted to Instagram shows the motorist allegedly fleeing from one hit and run, when he causes another.

The 70-second clip was captured by the victim of the first accident, who began recording after he was allegedly rear-ended at a traffic light; he said the driver failed to stop and sped off.

He begins following the driver of the white Toyota who, in his apparent haste to get away, tries to squeeze between an oncoming pickup truck and parked sedan — smashing into both of them.

Ramming his way through, he flees this accident too; unfortunately he appears to have snapped his tie rod in the last impact, and his wheels are now facing opposite directions.

The woefully-disabled vehicle continues to make a pitiful attempt to escape, as its tires screech painfully against each other, as he runs a stop sign, eventually giving up hope right in the middle of a cross section.

But the saddest part of the video is yet to come, as the pursuing driver films the suspect with a car seat and newborn infant he apparently pulled from the crippled would-be getaway car.

“With a baby… with a baby,” the man recording announces in disbelief. “And he tried running away and we got it all on video.”

Amazingly, the driver insists he wasn’t trying to get away, but is reminded: “Everyone saw it bro – we got it on video.”

According to ppv_tahoe who posted the clip, LAPD responded to the scene and issued the driver with a citation, before letting him go.

[via TooFab]

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