Watch: Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson Clown 'Bum Ass' Drake After Finals Win [Video]

Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson gave Drake a taste of his own medicine after the Warriors tied up the series in the NBA finals on Sunday.

If you missed it, Drake’s sideline behavior has caused a bit of stir in previous games.

via TMZ:

The exchange was captured right as the Dubs were heading into the locker room after the game … when someone called for them to come back because Drizzy was about to walk by.

That’s when KD and Klay went IN on the 6 God … calling him a “bum ass” and saying the win over the Raptors was “light work.”

“It’s alright, it’s okay, we still got more games to play,” KD added.

Drake — who got all up in Draymond Green‘s face after the Raps took Game 1 — surprisingly handled the trash talk really well, hitting them back with “You squeezed that [win], by the way.”

Game 3 is on Wednesday — we’ll see who takes it. Check out the video below.

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