Watch: Kerry Washington Flaunts Her Baby Bump on 'Ellen' + Dishes on 'Scandal' Storylines [Video]

Kerry Washington Ellen


Kerry Washington dazzled her way on to Ellen this week to talk about her hit show Scandal. She opted for a cute Shoshanna dress that accented her growing baby bump.

Ellen joked about the horde of magazine covers featuring Kerry this month by showing a few that you may or may not have seen…Knitting Weekly, Chess Masters and Kale Quarterly (all fake).

Kerry played along saying: ‘Kale is really good for you…Listen you know I’m a Lady Gaga fan, so when she did the meat dress I said I would do the kale dress.’

Ellen & Kerry also talked about how the Scandal writers come up with their storylines and if secret military tools like “the hole” are real.

Kerry tried not to give away too many actual government secrets by saying: ‘I do think the show is based on their imagination more than real life, but often when we talk to people from Washington they say “Oh yeah, a lot of that looks familiar.

Watch a few clips from Kerry’s interview below.

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