Watch: 'Karen' Goes Crazy Over Having to Wear a Mask to Pick Up Her Pizza, Says It's Her Constitutional Right Not To [Video]

Give her pizza or give her death! This no mask-wearing “Karen” blasted the staff at a Papa Murphy’s pizza joint for refusing her service, insisting the founding fathers would back her up.

via TMZ:

Of course they wouldn’t, but that didn’t stop her from throwing a fit at the pizza shop in Kennewick, WA when she was told, earlier this week, to get out because she didn’t have a face covering.

This “Karen” believes — as so many others do for some reason — that the law is on her side. So, she spews a bunch of BS about how it’s her right to go maskless due to the “American Disability Act” … something that’s just¬†blatantly false.

She took it a step further by claiming she’s hard of hearing, adding … “I have a right to speak my mind, and I have a right to see your lips.” So not only is she maskless, but she wants the workers to remove their masks too!

Fortunately, the cashier was steadfast in refusing service, as the woman continued to spout off make-believe rights … including a Constitutional right to pizza.

“Karen” finally retreated when an employee offered to bring the pizza out to her truck — and, naturally, her husband was out there offering free First Amendment lessons.

In the video, she tries to come at the Black man recording — but as soon as he warns her not to come any closer she realizes she’s outmatched and goes back to screaming at the employees. LOL

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