Watch: Huge Squadron of Armed Police Break-Up One-Year-Old's Birthday Party in LA Amid Coronavirus Order [Video]

Officers warned women carrying children they were prepared to open fire with “less lethal munitions”.

This alarming video shows just how serious the police are taking the “safer at home” order — and how flippantly some members of the public are.

A huge squadron of cops descended on the Hyde Park area of Los Angeles on Saturday evening to break up a one-year-old’s birthday party.

Shocking footage showed a phalanx of at least 32 officers brandishing batons and even bean bag guns as they forced furious party-goers to disperse.

Police were responding to reports of between 30 and 40 people gathered at a home at the 5500 block of 4th Avenue, at a time when the city has been ordered to stay at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

When several party-goers became irate, officers called for back-up, and declared the gathering an unlawful assembly. As the video shows, the officers formed a line across the street and slowly marched, forcing the angry crowd back and eventually out into the intersection.

They were backed up by several squad cars, while a police chopper can be heard hovering overhead.

The crowd hurled abuse at the officers the entire time, screaming obscenities as they slowly backpedaled. Some women clung to children and refused to move, standing in the path of the slowly advancing line until they were eventually physically pushed along.

Once they reached the end of the street, police held the line and warned over loudspeaker that those still gathered in the intersection would be arrested if they stayed, and that officers were prepared to use “less lethal munitions, which pose serious risk of injury for those of you who remain”; indeed at the rear of the formation, a number of officers could be seen with bright green bean bag guns, ready to open fire.

Since March 19, LA has been under a “safer at home” order via Mayor Eric Garcetti, as the city attempts to stem the spread of coronavirus. All public gatherings are banned and no travel is permitted unless absolutely necessary… although as the video shows, opinions seem to differ on what “absolutely necessary” means.

As of Tuesday, Los Angeles County had recorded 2,474 confirmed cases, and 44 deaths.

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