Watch What Happens When YouTuber Holds BLM Sign In America's 'Most Racist Town' [Video]

“F–k Black lives, and I have Black friends.”

A YouTuber has claimed to have found America’s “most racist town” — and his video certainly makes a compelling case.

Rob Bliss made a two-minute film of himself holding a Black Lives Matter sign in Harrison, Arkansas, which — despite the best efforts of the mayor — has a strong association with the Ku Klux Klan. (Indeed the cover shot for the video shows him holding his placard in front of a huge billboard, which he provides the GPS coordinates for.)

The incredible clip shows dozens of motorists shouting abuse, vile racism and threats of violence, as Bliss simply stands there by the side of the road.

“Have a little pride in your race brother! White pride worldwide!”; “Explain to me why a coon’s life matters?”; “F–k Black lives, and I have Black friends” are some of the choice opinions roared at him.

Bliss is called a Marxist, communist, domestic terrorist, k–e, and even a racist(!), and is told to find Jesus, get a real f–king job, and get his ass out of town.

Most drivers are furious, others are disgusted, and some are just utterly, utterly confused at the sight of a white man standing up for a Black cause.

One man even drives past two times, and then threatens to return a third: “‘Bout ten minutes I’m going to be back, you better be f–king gone,” he warns out his window.

Heading to Walmart, Bliss watches as customers describe BLM as “the biggest hoax there ever was” and the “next thing to ISIS” before a manager comes out and asks him to leave.

Bliss pointing out that Walmart had just issued a statement on “advancing our work on racial inequity” didn’t seem to move him.

The depressing video does however end on a hopeful note: a young white girl silently walks up to Bliss and hands him a hastily-written note, handwritten on a napkin, before flashing him two thumbs up and walking away without a word.

It read: “Ignore the haters, you’re being peaceful, what you’re doing is good, just a friendly reminder – don’t give up hope.”

The girl’s face is the only one blurred in the entire video.

After posting the video, Bliss said he received several threats of lawsuits from people he filmed, should he ever release it.

He launched a GoFundMe with a target of $70k to retain a defense lawyer to protect both himself and the video from legal action, vowing the money would also be used to support his activist work.

According to the Arkansas Democrat, the town has been involved in a prolonged battle with Wikipedia to remove any reference to the KKK out of its entry.

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