Watch: Footage Shows Wanda Smith's Husband Really Did Pull a Gun on Katt Williams for Roasting His Wife [Video]

Katt Williams’ said Wanda Smith’s husband pulled a gun on him during an altercation last week — and now there’s video to prove it.

via TMZ:

It all went down Saturday night outside the Atlanta Comedy Theater, where Wanda Smith of V-103’s ‘Frank and Wanda’ was hosting. The video starts with Katt fuming in the parking lot while rocking a Deion Sanders jersey and gold chains — he even confronts the guy recording him.

You’ll recall … Katt said he got into it with Wanda’s husband, Lamorris Sellers, who was pissed Katt roasted the hell out of Wanda on the radio. There was a ton of jawing back and forth until Lamorris and a friend gave chase. Katt initially said Lamorris pointed a gun in his face — and in this video you can see a gun in Lamorris’ hand as Katt bolted into a grocery store.

We’re glad things didn’t escalate any further. Check out the video below.

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