Watch: Fists Fly at an Arkansas Steak House Over Failure to Properly Social Distance [Video]

An Arkansas restaurant was home to a brawl after a customer felt that fellow patrons were too close .

via TMZ:

This nasty fight went down at the Saltgrass Steak House in Little Rock, and the video shows four grown adults just going at it Saturday night. According to cops, tensions started rising when one patron complained about social distancing.

You can see her — the complaining someone else had coughed on her.

Here’s your scorecard … based on the police report, obtained by TMZ: the black woman claims the white guy (in the USA shirt) and his friends were not staying 6-feet away from her … and when she expressed her frustration, they started harassing her.

Now, in the report … there are differing accounts of who started coughing purposely on people. At any rate, everyone agrees things escalated from there — and in the video, you see the brawl really exploded when a Black guy at the bar turned around with a bottle or glass … and smashed another guy in the head.

At the end of the day … 2 guys were cited for battery, and everyone went about their business of social distancing. Or not.

Watch the video below.


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