Watch: Drake & His Driver Get Cussed Out, Called a 'F*cking Idiot' By an Uber Driver [Video]

Drake and his personal driver got cussed out by an Uber driver who lost it after Drake’s driver apparently dinged his car.

via TMZ:

The “In My Feelings” rapper was arriving at Delilah in WeHo on Tuesday night … on his way inside, you hear someone howl from a distance, “F***ing idiot.” Drizzy stops dead in his tracks.

Our camera guy quickly figures out what all the ruckus is about … the driver is chewing out Drake’s muscle/driver for allegedly swinging his door open, right into the Uber.

The Uber driver wasn’t letting it go and called the cops. L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputies showed up but didn’t take a report because accidentally dinging a car isn’t a crime.

Check out the footage below.

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