Watch: DaBaby's Security Knocks a Female Fan Out Cold [Video]

DaBaby’s known for throwing hands at unruly fans, but this time his security did the job and knocked a female fan out cold.

via TMZ:

DaBaby was performing at the Free Water Block Party In New Orleans and things were going okay, until 30 minutes into his set, when he jumped into the crowd — something he does at all of his concerts.

Apparently, this time around, the crowd got a little too aggressive for his security. You see a female fan run over to him, trying to get a photo.

DaBaby pushes the female fan off of him, and when she touches him and persists, security unleashes with a devastating punch that floors her.

The woman is out cold for a minute, and then her friends are able to raise her and get the hell out of the venue.

The show was shut down, but police weren’t called.

Check out the video below. Maybe DaBaby needs new stage protocols — people can’t keep getting hurt at his shows.

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